Resurrecting the blog

Dear reader, I don't believe in you anymore.

I destroyed my previous blog by trying to upgrade the underlying technology on its server. My blog was down for a long time, where did you go?

The blog crash was disappointing, but now I have a new shiny blog who's surface looks exactly the same as the old one, from the outside. Twelve hours well spent.

In an attempt to save myself a lot of work, I copied the old blog's content back into the new blog's content folder. Then I restarted the new blog and crossed my fingers. Nothing happened. The new blog did not automatically post my old entries. So I will re-add my posts by hand. The old posts are buried in a database which I don't understand, so this might take some time.

Nobody complained when impregnable quebec disappeared. This is a sign that I need to either write more, more often or just get better at self promotion.

Maybe this is the perfect situation. I like having you as my potential audience. I feel that having a potential audience is like having public windows behind me while I am using my computer at night. You might see everything on my screen, so I want to appear as if I am doing something worth while. The result, my writing has a higher standard to perform against. I believe that you have high standards.

Since we are thinking about potential audiences, why not get paranoid. I will imagine that the NSA is pumping everything I write through a personality diagnostic engine. This and all of my metadata, GPS locations and well, all of your data too. They would have to use a Bayesian approach. NSA says, "Yawn".

But I wish I could get access to my data, through their filters. Dear NSA, I would buy that app. It would tell me what I am going to do before I do it so that I could make better decisions.

Maybe I could build a SETI transmitter and push the contents of this little blog into the heart of the galaxy. God like alien civilizations would suddenly become aware of Linux security flaws, blog erosion and spelling mistakes.

For me, the freeing thought is that nobody is looking at all. There just isn't enough attention to go around. People are more concerned with their own things. Nobody is looking through my windows. Nobody cares, and that is a good thing.

I will pretend that you are looking. I might not believe in you, but I care about what you might think.