Vancouver As Nortel Stock

How to fix the Vancouver real estate bubble. Here is a great video produced by Tyler Cowen. It is about the rise and fall of the »

It pays to be the king

When Pakistani photographer Atif Saeed set out for a drive through a safari park in Lahore in 2012, little did he know that he would end »

Plasma word origins

How one man accidentally named 99.999% of the visible universe. Consider some modern definitions of the word plasma: Plasma is the colorless fluid part of »

How to hunt a Gundi

How a lazy apex predator feeds itself using mind control. What is a Gundi? A Gundi is a small rodent found in the rocky deserts of »

Our robotic overlords have arrived

Named Robocoach, the fitness-minded cyborg will be deployed to over 20 senior activity centres to help caregivers run exercise classes for residents. The project is sponsored »

Resurrecting the blog

Dear reader, I don't believe in you anymore. I destroyed my previous blog by trying to upgrade the underlying technology on its server. My blog was »