Corporate Assassin

Soft on People, Hard On Inc.

Scott Volk
SciFi business idea

Corporations Can Die Too



Build The Army

  • Private Investigators
  • Executive Assistants
  • Investment Bankers
  • Human Resources
  • IT Professionals
  • Anthropologists
  • Journalists
  • Hackers

Use Strong Encryption and Secrets

All staff will be:

  • Trained to keep secrets
  • Incentivized to keep secrets
  • Deployed into Cells

All staff will be:

  • Paid well above market rate
  • Given specialized training
  • Given special access to society
  • Give opportunity for an exciting life

Your staff may not know they work for you.

Find the ideological heartbeat of your Army

Only Hunt What Your Staff Wants to Kill

Only Hunt One Company Per Business Sector

Investigate your client first

Once you are satisfied they are legitimate, Negotiate:

  • Initial Probe Amount
  • What is meant by a KILL
  • A back-out clause
  • Full Take down amount
  • Positions for staff within their company

Investigate Your Mark's Business Position

Get Staff in their Building

Only Hunt What We Can Kill

Identify Corporate Competency Graph

  • Quiet 360 reviews
  • Use anthropologists to access what is really going on
  • Conduct quiet interviews with competent staff
  • Create network graphs using facebook, linkedn
  • Access Org-charts
  • Create dream-like job interviews to get staff talking about inner workings of Mark

Make the Call

  • Either pay your back-out clause
  • Or commit to the act

Create Alliance with Hedge-Funds

  • Through back channels let them know you are engaged

Begin media Portfolio

Background Checks on Executives

Add to media portfolio

Investigate Insider Trading

Add to media portfolio

Add an Agent for Every Competent Employee

  • Learn about what they love
  • Learn about their lives outside of work
  • Have agents search for other available jobs
  • Identify market rates for all key positions
  • Brain storm ways to save them from their current position

Identify Project Time Lines and Possible Squeezes

Add to media portfolio

Create Zero Day Bounties

Add to media portfolio

Investigate weak patents

Add to media portfolio

Pump their Stock while Hiring Away Competent Staff

Release a Series of Good New Press releases about the Mark

  • Have a series of good news stories released one item per day
  • Notify Hedge-Fund alliances one day in advance of releasing items to the media

Stop Pump Campaign During Investors Meeting

Short the stock

Our pump is over

Effect of loss of Competent People

  • This should demoralize the remaining staff
  • This should ensure worse decisions are made regarding existing projects
  • Incompetent people should rise in rank

Begin Stage-Two Campaing, Identify a Dump-Day

  • Try to hire inappropriate people into key positions
  • Have a series of bad news stories release one item per day
  • Notify Hedge-Fund alliances one day in advance of all media releases

Notify media that you have been hired against the Mark

With our track record this will announce that:

  • Our mark's leadership is incompetent
  • Our mark's competent staff have been hired away
  • That there is evidence of insider trading made by key managers
  • That we have a working alliance with a powerful hedgefund
  • That our mark's stock is over valued

Profit from Short

Profit from Kill Contract